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About Us

Cosmic Water is a new venture from the renowned Logistics group Sree Vijeya Transports. We believe that fortified drinking water is the fundamental facet of hale and healthy living, so we strive to provide clean and pure water readily available and affordable to all.

Our vertically integrated infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, highly skilled workers, extensive market knowledge and the ability to foster latest technologies - all contribute for our progressive performance. Our stringent commitment to our values and social responsibilities has led us to a close relationship with the society.

Experience in excellent customer service, meticulous attention to quality standards and recognizing the emerging growth areas, have been the key ingredients in developing our firm as one among the best in industry sphere. Our plant is strategically plant on the banks of river Vaigai near the lush green Cholavandhan.

Our vast experience in the logistics field helps us to transport our products safely and hygienically in customized containerized vehicles, thus protecting the product from environmental hazards like sunlight, dust and others.


  • To provide fortified drinking water by keeping the minerals intact
  • To support and develop sustainable water resources and healthy eco-system
  • To harvest rain water and rededicate to Mother Nature
  • To become a renowned brand globally


  • To create benchmarks using best practices and evolve to meet environment norms
  • To foster high standards and excel in quality
  • To espouse eco-friendly methods in all our production operations

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide fortified drinking water by satisfying all the necessary quality standards. We strive for excellence in all our endeavours by using the best practices and evolving to meet the best environment norms.